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​Montville State School encourages the wearing of full school uniform every day. The school uniform helps create an environment of respect and ensures all children feel part of a special group.

The Montville State School and its P&C Association has implemented a school uniform policy and this requires all students to be in full school uniform each day.

Operating hours

Every second Friday - 8.30-9.00am

This coincides with the distribution of the school newsletter. Additional times for busy periods will be advised.

Price list

​Uniform item
​Polo shirt with embroidered logo
Polo shirt older style (limited sizes)​$10​
House t-shirts​$20​
Skorts (skirt/short combined)​$20​
Fleece jacket with full zip and logo​$30​
Broad-brimmed hat with logo​$15​
​School bag

Second-hand uniforms

Donated second-hand uniforms are resold for a minimum cost when available.

Payment options

We accept cash or cheque.

Summer Uniform

  • Green, red & yellow school polo shirt with school logo
  • Green shorts or green skorts (combination short/skirt)
  • Green and white dress
  • Broad brim or bucket style green hat with school logo
  • White, black or bottle green socks (preferably bottle green)
  • Sneakers or leather shoes (preferably black)

Winter Uniform

  • Green jumper with yellow logo
  • Green, red & yellow, school polo shirt (same as summer shirt)
    • Long sleeve red or green top can be worn underneath
  • Green track pants, or green shorts or green skort
  • Broad brim or bucket style green hat with school logo
  • White or black socks, or green tights- Sneakers or leather shoes (preferably black)

At House Sports Events

Your house colour t-shirt can be worn with green shorts/skorts: Bunya (green), Blackall (yellow), Baroon (red).

The Uniform shop is located within Razorback House (near the Montville lookout). It is run by P&C volunteers as a service to parents and the school. The small profit made on the sale of uniforms goes back to the P&C school fund.

Order Forms

If you can’t make it to the shop, please make an online order:

This will be filled next time the shop is open, and goods returned to the office for collection.

                             FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

What uniform do I need?

Your child will need a polo shirt embroidered with the school logo and green shorts or a skirt/skort every day.
Alternatively, girls can wear the green checked dress instead of the polo shirt combination.
Each child will also need a green broad brimmed hat.

Neat and tidy shoes or trainers are needed as well (these don't have to be black, just able to be tightened with laces, Velcro or a buckle – you don't need to try to find green socks!

How many do I need to buy?

That's totally up to you, you can buy a polo shirt for every day of the week or have a few and wash as you go.  Most families tend to have 2 or 3 polo shirts and 1 house shirt.

Each child will be allocated a Sports House (Bunya, Blackall or Baroon) that they will be a member of throughout their time at MSS.  Each House has its own sports shirt colour and the children are encouraged to wear their house colours on the PE day, once a week, as well as for sporting events.

What about a hat?

Each child that starts in Prep is gifted a hat by the P&C.  Replacements can be purchased from the Uniform Shop.

Where can I buy it from?

Everything you need is available from the School Uniform Shop that is open every other Friday from 8.15am.  The School Uniform Shop is the only place that you can buy the polo shirts, house shirts and dresses
The Uniform Shop does sell shorts, skirts and skorts too but you do not have to buy these from us.  You are welcome to source your own uniform items (wide-brimmed hats, skirts, skorts and shorts) from other shops and suppliers providing they are all ONLY bottle green and have no labels/brand names.

How do I buy a uniform?

The school uniform shop is open every other Friday during term time from 8.15am to 8.45am. it is also open for one day before the start of term 1 – date to be announced.

We have two ways to make purchases:

  1. You can order uniform online by visiting Enter Montville State School and choose the 'uniform shop' tab.  If you order online, then we will endeavour to have your order organised for you to collect at the next Uniform Shop or we can deliver it to your child's classroom.
  2. Alternatively, you can buy uniform at the shop with cash. 


Does the uniform change in winter?

Fleece jumpers are available to buy from the uniform shop and these are embroidered with the school logo.  Alternatively, you are free to buy your own jumpers and long pants from other suppliers.  Jumpers must be bottle green, tights and trousers should be bottle green or black as well as brand free. The uniform shop sells green tights too.

What about school bags?

We stock green back packs that have the school logo on them. There is a free choice of backpack though and you are welcome to buy one from any other supplier. 

Please ask us if you're stuck – we are very willing to help.

                        Further information

For any queries or urgent orders please contact our P&C via

Last reviewed 09 December 2020
Last updated 09 December 2020