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Mission and Values


Our Vision
“At Montville State School, we value creativity, diversity and sustainability.   We aim to ensure every student is included, engaged and successful.  We provide learning opportunities that are fun, challenging and supportive for all students. We seek ways to enhance student learning and well-being by welcoming families and the local community to be actively involved in our school.”


Students at Montville State School will be supported to become:

Independent, through: 

*      Confidence building.

*      Learning to appreciate their self worth.

*      Self-motivation.

*      The development of a personal ethos that will support them

        to make positive choices.

*      The development of sound critical thinking and communication skills.


Responsible Community Members, with an innate appreciation of:

*      The values and responsibilities of citizenship.

*      The need for tolerance, respect and understanding when dealing with others.

*      The benefits of teamwork in achieving goals.

*      Their own ability to act upon their feelings in a positive manner.

*      The consequences of their decisions and/or actions.


Responsible Carers of their Environment, who:

*      Will make choices that create preferred futures.

*      Can create products, systems or performances of quality.

*      Are able to create with enterprise, imagination, originality

        and aesthetic judgement.

*      Are aware of, and responsive to, school, community and global issues.


Life-Long Learners, who:

*      Are literate and numerate.

*      Can use available technology as an integral tool of learning.

*      Are cognisant with the concepts, skills and processes inherent in the learning

        strategies that encourage critical and creative thinking; problem solving;

        life-long learning.


Together We Learn